By: Erika Page

2212 Brannen Rd SE Atlanta Pre-marketing

Tags: Atlanta homes

Hi everybody. Erika Page, president of the living luxury Atlanta team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. I'm here, checking up listing ready to come to the market. I'm over here in the Atlanta area. So this is a lovely 3-bedroom 2-bathroom. Actually, 4 bedrooms, will be changed in four bedrooms. I'm working with an investor client upon renovating the property. They've enclosed the carport to make a master suite. So there's a bedroom there, big bathroom, also a nice little pad. With a walk-in closet. So there are still a few things that are happening and be putting up some shutters and some here in the next couple of days. So, what I want to tell you guys a little bit about it. You'll see the property that's coming soon. I, this is in Atlanta, this is over East, kinda near Gresham memorial, over in that area. Hot, hot area and lots of great homes selling over here. These homes in this area tend to be a little bit small. A lot of 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, a lot of new ones, memorials. But like this one, the renovations are done. I'm completely blown out with new, new everything. So if you guys are looking for a home in the area, I want to tell you a little bit about it, but also wanted to make sure that everyone knew that when you are a seller who sells with us, this is what we do. We pre-market the property. We want to make sure that we get on fire for you as quickly as possible fast for top dollar. That's our commitment. And even for our buyers, we made a commitment to our VIP buyers that we will always bring properties to them first. So I'm not going to say the average on this property because I haven't sent out my database yet of buyers. All sent to them, so they have first right to do an open house next week and then all going up to the full MLS. So, if you're not on my VIP buyer lists. Get on it. And if you are a seller, that's if someone's thinking about selling, please know this is our process. This is what we do for all of our clients. It's why our status so great, we get properties to go under contract. Our average is 18 days. On average. We sell for 3.8% higher than list price. So we're doing a great job., and we would like to do a great job for everyone. Okay. So again, Erika Page, president of the Living Luxury Atlanta team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. You guys get at me, call our office 678-915-9286 or email me or see me on social media. Looking forward to working with you soon!