By: Erika Page

1269 Kesler Rd Winder GA

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Hello, hello, hello
Erika Page here, President of the Living Luxury Atlanta team at your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. And here we go, I've got a house over my shoulder, so you know what that means...
We got another listing coming up for sale.
 for pics---->

This is a gorgeous medium-sized house that is sitting on a big piece of land. 2 acres over in Winder, Georgia.  3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Fresh paint on the outside.. They've just installed really nice laminate floors. Inside is a beautiful fireplace with stacked stone.

 My lender says that I'm off with payment including everything:
taxes, insurance, there is no HOA. It would be right under $1200 per month. , ... I know that some people are paying rent for small apartments that are paying way more than $1,200.  This one is right off of 316, very easy access and it's private. Lots and lots and lots of space.

Okay, Erika Page again, President of The Living Luxury Atlanta team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Our name is our promise.

We absolutely love helping buyers
and sellers. We love helping people, buy and sell the place that they call home.

Investors too. All right, looking forward to working with you guys. You're gonna see some pictures and things like that coming up. But we're excited about another amazing listing!

Take care!